Need Fresh Copy Today?

Hire Jennifer Robbins for the Day

I get it. Sometimes projects pop up and need attention right away. Or maybe you thought you could handle it yourself, but every time you sit down to write you find yourself starting a blank screen and cursing the cursor. (Hey, don't feel bad. We've all been there. Trust me.) 

Whatever the reason, you need to hire a conversion copywriter TODAY. 

I typically book 3-4 weeks in advance, but for special clients you who need copy ASAP I can make myself available for an entire day. That means you're booking my time for the whole day. 

Yes, for an entire day I'm all yours. That's 100% of my time focused on YOU and your copywriting needs. What can we get done in that time? Well, that depends on you. 

During that day we can...

Map out your launch strategy (and maybe even sneak in a few fully-written emails!)

Create a framework for your sales page 

Take your existing sales page and make it really pack a punch

Create your lead magnets (depending on length)

Create a short landing page (typically for an opt-in, perhaps for that new lead magnet?)

Create an onboarding email sequence for new subscribers


Come up with more blog post ideas than you could possibly need in 2018 (depending on how long you book, we could even have a couple of complete posts or at least frameworks to follow)


Not sure you need a full day? That's ok! You can also book a half-day or even just an hour. 

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Let's Talk $$

Ok, so you're sold on the idea of working with me for a day - or at least part of one. So what will it cost? 

Full Day Rate - $1279

Half Day Rate - $749

Copy Hour - $199

Payment must be paid in full to block off the time on my schedule - after all, time is money am I right? 

Let's Talk Dates

You need your copy yesterday, I know. That's why I'm willing to clear my schedule (as long as it doesn't negatively affect my current clients!) to help you make that happen. 

Typically that means we can get your Copy Hour or Half-Day booked with 48 hours. Full Days are booked within 5 days. 

(Need it sooner than that? Ask me about the rush rate. )


Let's Talk Chemistry

No, not the college course that helped me realize that I wasn't destined to be a doctor. I mean our chemistry - you and me and your business. 

I'm a pretty good fit for most small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even larger companies thanks to my accounting background and penchant for a little woo. I walk the line between Type A businesswoman and creative spirit, but if you aren't sure shoot me an email and we'll find out. 


Book your time right now!